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4MADSolutions for Services & Training is an IT Services and training Company in Lebanon, initiated by an innovative team of consultants and trainers. Our team is committed to serving you with credibility, integrity, compassion, and strong understanding of your business-specific needs. We provide world-class IT solutions, through employing the best technologies and professionals available.
4MADSolutions, is a privately held IT services and training company in Lebanon, offering various I.T & soft skills related to management, consulting, and training.
We excel in delivering a faster, more convenient, and more efficient Information Technology/Information Systems services by our highly skilled, qualified, and passionate, professional team.
Our extensive experience for years in various fields, have shaped a suite of competent advisory and training leaders in the field, not only for our knowledge and skill, but also for our positive, flexible, and upbeat personas.

4MADSolutions - WHY 4MADSolutions ...
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We’re a group of IT/IS graduates, keen on providing the best, reasonable, business related solutions in Lebanon.

Our journey began as a result to our passion, time, dedication and interest in fulfilling viable, effective, user-friendly solutions to businesses on a global scale.

For this reason, it makes total sense, that our undertaken projects, availability time, combined with our growing number of offered, experiential courses add up to an increasing number of elements in a short period of time.

We at 4MADSolutions, offer our clients and students a first employed, innovative concept in approaching the IT/IS world of consultancy and learning in Lebanon.

Our state of the art computer lab offers registered students the opportunity to fully engage in the information system’s both hardware and software levels. For instance, students are encouraged to fiddle around with hardware and components for testing purposes.

Moreover, our lab offers virtual setup simulations, providing a direct test grounds for students to fully implement and comprehend covered topics in the computer lab.